Membership - Not a Household Word

Jack Donohue


Long time members will notice when they go to renew that the household membership options are no longer available.  We wanted to provide an explanation.

Photo is courtesy of Barry and Linda Nelson riding with their son Gene many year's back.

In the old days, before the internet, the major cost of running the club was paying for printing and postal delivery of the monthly newsletter, WheelPeople. It was a reasonable policy then to offer another level of membership which was called Household, where only one copy of the newsletter was delivered to two people living at the same postal address. The reduced cost of mailing was passed on to the members.

Now let’s fast forward to the 21st century, where a ubiquitous form of communication is email.  CRW started offering electronic delivery of WheelPeople.  Eventually, we ceased print publication and moved to electronic delivery ONLY.  As there was no additional cost involved, we sent WheelPeople electronically to both members of a household membership.

Since there is no savings due to print and mailing, the original intent of Household memberships has been rendered moot, and we have decided not to offer that membership option. We are sorry for any inconvenience. The club will however issue a $5.00 credit toward membership for the second member of the household. 


It should also be noted that household memberships created technical issues. The current website requires each member to log in to gain access to member only features, which created a problem with household memberships. Confusion arose with multiple members using a single account These problems are eliminated when each member has their own account and email address




Good idea since Chris had so much trouble accessing our household membership