Members Helping Members

Lisa Najavits


A New CRW benefit – Members Helping Members – Give it a try!

One of the great benefits of CRW is the opportunity to connect with other cyclists, both socially and also to gain greater knowledge about cycling.   But it can be challenging to know who to go to when.

Yes, you can fire off a question to the CRW Google Group and get a quick reply, but what if you want to talk with someone for more in-depth help? Or how about if you want to find a ride buddy for your next ride?

We are launching Members Helping Members (MHM) to create a more personal connection within the club, while drawing on the brain trust among the membership.

Take a look at the new Members Helping Members website page. You will find the initial list of kind members who have volunteered to help. The page lists their contact information, how to reach them (text / email / phone), and what specific help each is volunteering. You can reach out to as many on the list that you choose to, as often as you like. To keep it simple, there is no formal matching and no one is tracking the contacts.

If you want to become a helper to other members, fill our our 2-minute form. You don't have to be an expert, but just have knowledge and friendliness you want to share.

In short, you can get help from others, provide help to others or both.

What are the areas of help?

  • Ride Buddy (to meet up with someone who will be at the same CRW ride as you, so there's a friendly person there to connect with at the start of the ride, and possibly ride with if your pace is similar)
  • Century Ride Buddy (same as above, but for a CRW century)
  • Choosing bikes and bike gear
  • Bike maintenance
  • Nutrition
  • Ride with GPS and navigation
  • Doing a century
  • Figuring out your riding pace
  • Winter weather riding
  • Increasing your mileage
  • How to ride in a group
  • How to ride on roads
  • Bike touring / how to choose a bike trip
  • Becoming a ride leader
  • Preparation for a charity ride
  • Becoming a CRW volunteer
  • Improve your hill climbing
  • Learning paceline riding
  • Intro to riding
  • Understanding road bike specs

For safety's sake please keep in mind:

>> Helpers / helpees can refuse any interactions they don't feel comfortable with

>> CRW does not endorse any specific advice offered

Special thanks to Steve Carlson and Eli Post, who volunteered for this project's committee, and also to Jack Donohue for his help with the website page. 

We'd like to hear your feedback about this initiative. You can post a public comment to this Wheelpeople article or send an email (lisa.najavits [at]

Lisa Najavits is on the board of directors of CRW and Vice President of Volunteers. 


Have filled in the form with what I might have to offer.