Member Survey Results

Rami Haddad


​​Thank you to all members who responded to the survey. There was an impressive number of responses with very useful information.


​​Members highly value the club. We received an overall net promoter score of 64 on a range from -100 to 100. We closely compare with service leaders such as Apple at 72. This is the one number we will look to improve year over year.


​​Calendar was the clear winner no matter how we split the data. This should not come as a surprise, since most members want to join others on rides and events. Expect that we will invest more into making the calendar easy to view, accessible, current & fast.​​

​​Email, WheelPeople, & web site were preferred by most members, while the younger ladies preferred Facebook Groups & younger gentlemen preferred Strava. Note that we plan to change our Facebook Page in favor of a Group soon, while Strava discussions & events are already active.


​​Of course our centuries were most popular by a wide margin. The majority of members prefer supported events. While it may be difficult for us to host many more, we will look to organize groups within our members to participate in third-party supported events & charity rides.​​

​​Preference is still strong for the typical self-paced rides scheduled by the club, Participants self-organize based on speed & route options, and navigate on their own.​​

​​Two new categories of rides came next for us to consider further:

  • ​​Led, no-drop groups at specific speeds
  • ​​Tours for full or multiple days to visit landmarks, scenic routes, & bakeries. We offered a Tour de Force of Maine in September 2019, Adventure Travel talk in March 2020, & tour across the British Isles in June 2020.


​​Typical time of starting rides in mid morning between 9:00–11:00 was still most preferred among all members.​​

​​However, when looking at data specific to those younger than 50, there was as strong preference for rides in:

  • ​​Early morning before 8:00, especially on weekends
  • ​​Evening after 18:00, especially on weekdays​​

​​More Information

More Information on the survey results are HERE



​​Thank you for the 80 volunteers who provided contact information to help across all categories: lead rides, events, communication, & administration.

​​Rami Haddad is Vice President of Communications.