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On Sunday July 11, the club ran a Major Taylor celebration ride.Many members of the Urban Cycling Club celebrated with CRW.


For those who do not remember, Major Taylor was an African-American professional cyclist who lived in Worcester, MA during his racing years. He won many national titles and in 1899 was awarded a World Championship in sprinting. The ride passed through Needham Heights, the turnaround place for Taylor's first race in the Boston area:  a Dedham-to-Needham 10 mile road race on Patriots Day, 1896.


On the July 11 ride, several participant's names were drawn at random to receive Major Taylor Cycling Jerseys. This was the first CRW Diversity Ride of the year to be followed by a ride in August recognizing Kittie Knox, the first African-American female member of the League of American Wheelmen. (Photo at ride start by Rudge McKenney)











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The Major Taylor ride was a fun route with a fun crew, plus we learned a little bicycle history. Very pleased CRW is sponsoring these rides.