March Updates

WheelPeople Editors
HANSON WINTER SUNDAY RIDE - Runs every Sunday throughout the winter months and is another opportunity to ride off-season.
Town Ride collections - There should be days in March warm enough to ride and the Town collections are available for you
Amazon Smile If you have an Amazon Prime account please look into making CRW your charity. Details here
Exercise Bikes Why wait it out for warmer weather. All is not lost, and indoor biking is available. We reference an article on the Peloton, which, according to Google, is one of our most read articles. Article here The Road Cyclist's Guide to the Peloton | Charles River Wheelers (
Winter Riding Challenge The Challenge is on until March 15. Details are here CRW Winter Challenge 2022 | Charles River Wheelers
Curing Heart Disease  Peter Megdal is a long-time CRW member, a competitive cyclist, and has advanced degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology. Given a family history of heart disease, and after some initial symptoms, Peter set out to reverse the disease, and get to his previous level of performance. His story about curing heart disease is documented in this lecture recorded on YouTube. More information on Peter is here.