Looking Back at WheelPeople

CRW Communications Committee

A Look Back

10 Years Ago - November 2009

The November 2009 issue of WheelPeople saw a number of Fall Century related articles, including a recap of the ride (fun fact: this was the event that saw the introduction of Gatorade at rest stops), and a discussion about group riding and pacelining in a group after a spontaneous paceline resulted in an ambulance ride for a few riders. The advice in this article still rings true: “Early on, you were told not to take candy from strangers, and later maybe not to sleep with strangers, and now we are warning you to be cautious when you draft or paceline with strangers.” Another feature included a spotlight on Andy Brand as the Ride Leader of the Month, and the South Shore Coastal Loop, which is still a CRW ride today.

25 Years Old - November 1994

An argument for all-digital: in 1994, annual dues were $30 and operating expenses per member ranged between $11 and $11.50. “The largest portion of this, of course, is the newsletter. We spend over $9,600 per year to print and mail WheelPeople.” (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is approximately $16,500 in 2019 dollars.) In other parts of the newsletter, candidates for the CRW board published statements for their candidacy,  and the rides calendar included An Artsy Ride that toured Waltham, Weston, Lincoln, and Concord, and ended at the start of Waltham Open Studios and its 50+ artists’ studios.

50 Years Old - November 1969

The fall century ride was scheduled for Sunday, November 9 in 1969, with a rain date of Tuesday, November 11 (which was observed on November 11 prior to the passage of the <a href=“https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uniform_Monday_Holiday_Act”>Uniform Monday Holiday Act</a> in 1971). There was also a report from the 1969 Double Century, which began on the evening of Friday, September 26. Seven riders, including Jim and Bill Thomas (aged 16 and 17, respectively) departed at midnight, and five finishers completed it in 17.5 hours. Similar to the November 1994 issue, a notice encouraging the sale of ads to cover the bulletin (“the club’s largest expense”) was also posted.