Logo Update

Jeff Dieffenbach


The CRW Logo Design Oversight Committee is pleased to announce that during the period from Friday October 29 through Monday November 8, membership will be able to vote on the logo that the Club will use going forward. Members will see four candidates including the current logo. During the voting period, members will use Rank Choice Voting to select one or more of the designs. Votes will then be tallied and the winning design will be presented to the Board for final approval.


In the next week, please be on the lookout for email and social media providing information on when and where to vote.



CRW Logo Design Oversight Committee

Judi Burten
Margaret Coughlin
Jeff Dieffenbach, Chair
Rami Haddad, Club President
Rob Keohane
Ankit Parikh
Nina Siegel
Jerry Skurla