Leader-Less Rides

Mary Kernan


As we head into fall, CRW is hoping to keep you riding as long as possible and doing what we can to make it interesting. To this end, we created a new ride type – a Leader-less ride. 

What is a Leader-less ride? 

Well, so, it’s a ride without a leader. We’ll post rides with routes and start times on the club calendar and on social media. Just show up, introduce yourself to others, find someone to ride with and agree on the rules of the ride. Then, off you go.  

How long are the rides? Where do they start? What time? 

We’ll be posting a variety of rides with different distances, start times and start locations so that there’s something for everyone. We’ll see what’s popular and perhaps repeat some routes over time. 

What are the rules? 

There are no CRW rules as this is not an official CRW ride. We ask that you stay abreast of local Covid restrictions and conduct yourself appropriately. 

Please note that, should accidents occur, there is no CRW insurance coverage for these rides.  

How will I know if anyone else will show up? 

We’ll be posting these rides on the club calendar, Facebook, & Strava. Check your favorite social media site for club activities and indicate on Strava event that you’ll be attending. That’ll make it more likely that others will show up. We want to consolidate all resposes to an event in one place: Strava in this case.

Why has the club created these rides? 

As the Covid virus continues into the fall, CRW remains limited in what we can do for organized rides. However, we see you out there and know you’re riding by yourself, with small groups of friends, etc. We’re always looking for ways to help you find new routes and new riding partners.