Keep On Riding

Eli Post

Numerous cyclists ride outside year-round in New England. No doubt you know people who commute and ride for fun on the coldest, snowiest days of the year. Short, winter days can easily be enjoyed on two wheels and offer a healthy outlet to keep you feeling great. Winter riding can be a great form of exercise and a challenging experience. Winter riders have learned that safe riding in cold weather means special attention to clothing and other matters, which will be addressed in a lecture described elsewhere in this issue. Dressing properly is essential to comfort and safety, and handling a bike on slippery surfaces requires additional skills. After the challenges are met however, winter cycling can become more routine, and a wonderful way to enjoy the cold weather.

The Club’s Winter Ride Program starts in  December. The Hanson Sunday Ride, and regularly scheduled Sunday Rides continue through the winter, even in severe weather conditions, and Saturday Winter Rides will be held on an impromptu basis whenever weather conditions are on the moderate side. The Winter Saturday Rides will be posted on the CRW Website a few days in advance as weekend weather forecasts become more dependable, and suggest a safe and pleasant experience. Between December and March make a point of checking toward the latter part of every week for winter cycling opportunities.