July Film Festival

Alex Post


There's nothing better than getting out for a ride, but on a rest day a video can almost take us there, so enjoy our little monthly virtual film fest. We welcome any suggestions for future selections.  

Road Biking Off Road
All this rider needs for a great day is his bike, the sounds of the wind and water, and a post ride snack. And maybe 3 or 4 replacement rims.  4 Mins.
Planking Vs Cranking
Tour De France Alternate Route
In case you’ve fallen behind in your training to qualify for the Tour de France this year, this rider found an easier way to get “on” the course, and even to pass the ride leaders.   1 Min.



Alex Post is a CRW member who lives in Virginia, but regularly visits MA to bike with his dad. He has also led rides for CRW.