Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Rides Program

Ride Leaders

Ride leaders are the heart of CRW. They're the volunteers who organize all of our weekday and weekend rides and keep all of us pedaling throughout the year. Why be a ride leader?

  • You get to choose the route, the pace, and the food stops. This means that you get to share your favorite destinations and routes, ride at your preferred pace, and bring a lot of people to your favorite eateries.
  • You meet new people who share at least one of your interests. This expands your pool of potential riding partners (and friends), particularly folks who like to ride the same way you do.
  • You can inspire people, motivate and get them excited about bicycling. Ride leaders who lead regularly have countless tales of novices who can barely shift gears on their first ride but who blossom into avid cyclists by the end of a season.
  • You can exercise your creativity in finding a route, writing the ride description, designing the RwGPS route and creating the event.
  • You get to contribute something to the community.
  • Leading a ride makes you go riding yourself.
  • The club throws an annual party to thank our ride leaders and you get to participate in our centuries for free.
  • Other people have to call you “Leader.”




Government Relations Coordinator

  • Keeps abreast of legislation affecting bicycling; alerts the club to public meetings with bicycle-specific agenda items.
  • Provides a report to the Board on bicycle-related legislation as needed.
  • Submits advocacy articles to WheelPeople.


Bike Shop Coordinator

  • Contacts local bike shops
  • Gives CRW information to shops for pass on to riders
  • Edits CRW bike shop information with shops that give CRW members shop discounts
  • Solisitits Bike Technology articles from shops for inclusion in Wheelpeople


Board of Directors

  • Set club policies.
  • Attend bimonthly board meetings and vote on issues presented at meetings.
  • Optionally take on additional duties, such as chairing special committees.



WheelPeople Staff

Copy Editor

  • Proofreads and edits material submitted for the club newsletter.
  • Scans printed material.
  • Transmits the copy to the Production Editor.

Production Editor

  • Lays out copy submitted by the Copy Editor.
  • Delivers the electronic copy of the newsletter for the web site.


Internet Staff


  • Has overall responsibility for the Web site.
  • Ensures that information posted on the Web site is current and correct, with emphasis on current rides and trips listings.
  • Ensures site is In line with Board directives
  • Expand or enhance the Web site as needed

Web Site Staff

  • Volunteer with knowledge of Drupal and CiviCRM to assist the Webmaster with database queries, site maintenance, and development
  • Assist the Webmaster in areas of web site maintenance: picture gallery, tours, etc