Jersey Recall

Eli Post


We are recalling the CRW jersey. One of our members was attacked by a swarm of bees. He had an unknown allergy to them, and had to be hospitalized. He is now stable but the seriousness of his medical condition has prompted us to take heed and reluctantly recall all jerseys sold since 2016. This will be a major expense for the club but member safety is paramount and we are offering  a full return of the original payment. The Club has sold several hundred of the jerseys over the years, and this is no small task.

Bees and wasps see in a slightly different spectrum than humans, and instinctively perceive certain colors as a threat, but are drawn to other colors, particularly white or yellow. The current jersey design features yellow as a dominant color and the rider appears to be a big, attractive flower which the bee or wasp will come to pollinate.

It turns out that the color of clothing that one wears will directly influence an individual’s chances of getting stung by a bee or wasp. They also tend to associate various colors with their favorite foods. This is particularly true of bees when they see a color which reminds them of flowers. They might even head back to the hive to essentially rave about the amazing field of flowers they stumbled upon. They also ask why anyone would believe all this nonsense about a recall, when they could be out riding on scenic New England country roads.



If the club is redesigning the logo why not offer a jersey swap?
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What is the recall process? Please publicize.

I've been wearing a solid bright yellow long-sleeved jersey for several years because it makes me very visible to drivers. I've never been attacked by a bee, but I am now concerned. I don't have any floral or other design on the jersey. Is there any history of bees attacking cyclists with solid yellow jerseys? Thank you

This is a joke, right?

I don't think this is any joke. I was attacked by one bee that flew into my yellow CRW jersey via the partly open top zipper and stung me on the stomach. I was about 2 miles from home at the time. When I got home I unzipped the jersey to check on the sting and found the live bee still in there! I have never worn that jersey again. My jersey is yellow, but not the current one. I thought I was the only person that this has happened to! Luckily it was just one sting and I'm not allergic to bee stings.

Being visible to cars is a lot more important to me than the relatively remote possibility of a bee sting. I like the shirts and I’ll keep wearing them and wonder about the financial effect of this repurchase.

When I saw the headline, I at first thought this was a joke. But 3 years ago, I was stung by a bee while wearing the yellow CRW jersey. It was a little unzipped at the top, and a bee flew in and stung me. I got off the bike and unzipped the jersey to get rid of the bee that was stuck inside. Half my chest got red and swollen, but fortunately that went away after a few days (I was going to attach photos, but that doesn't seem possible). I do like the visibility of the jersey, but the possibility of being stung be a bee is more likely than one might think. If one wears this jersey, you should zip it up completely!

Eli, when was the unfortunate rider stung? There can be much more aggressive bee and wasp stinging in late summer/early fall according to a Google search. Perhaps many jersey owners would be happy enough to just avoid wearing that jersey during the peak problem.

I have no problem with the jersey attracting bees (and I am very allergic), my problem is the red in the jersey attracts Hummingbirds when I come home and stop in front of the feeder. Tey attack me and poke at the red in the jersey. It's very annoying.
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Facetious articles are acceptable for April Fools Day. Any other time they should have a clear disclaimer. This final line is not sufficient; “They also ask why anyone would believe all this nonsense about a recall, when they could be out riding on scenic New England country roads.”
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I don’t wear red because of bulls, or black because of bats. I haven’t figured out what color makes dogs chase and bite.