Guest Rides Limit

John O'Dowd

Guest Rides Limit

A bit of history here. CRW had a long-standing policy of allowing non-members on our rides, without restriction other than signing a waiver. This was a club position to show that our rides were open to the general public and providing a public service. This policy generally worked, but came to an end last year when our prior insurance carrier imposed a one ride rule for non-members. That is our current policy, and to be clear, we arrived here because of insurance restrictions, not because we believed or voted on one-ride for non-members. 

The club would like to go beyond the one ride to allow non-members more time to consider whether they wish to join the club.

  • Often a friend says “hey come with me on the ride” and the guest joins, not thinking one way or the other about joining.
  • A guest may be from out of town and possibly belong to a club elsewhere, but wants to ride with their hosts while here.
  • For some joining a club represents a serious personal commitment, and one-ride does not offer sufficient motivation.
  • We have witnessed many who join after a few rides. It’s usually after a connection to the club is developed, like making a friend or riding buddy. Sometimes it’s joining a group or achieving a personal best on a ride.
  • After-ride parties have been a fruitful recruiting opportunity.

Needless to say, there are guests from somewhere who simply do not wish to join CRW. They may not like the club or don’t want to go to the trouble of joining. It’s easier for them to just show up.

After extensive discussions with our current insurance carrier, we are pleased to announce that non-members will have the opportunity to ride twice with the club before restrictions apply.


We hope this extension serves non-members, and they decide to join and enjoy the benefits of riding with the club.

John O'Dowd is CRW Board Secretary




Phillip Stern's picture

Thank you for the clear explanation. Not surprising, as even the Rippers now limit guest riders for insurance reasons.