Guarding Your Bike

Eli Post
We all have had the dilemma of what to do with your bike if you are taking a break and the bike will be out of sight for a bit. Carrying a lock is the most obvious solution, but many don’t want the added weight for occasional use. Well here is a novel solution.
My son has been exploring his neighborhood in the DC area by bike. The other day Alex saw a path in the woods and decided to park his bike and check out the path. After his exploration he emerged from the woods to see a living thing by his parked bike. His first thought was that there was a diabolical plot in process, but then he realized it was a deer. FYI Alex is trained in systems engineering and quickly considered all options: was the deer planning to steal the bike, take it for a joy ride, or guard it for Alex while he hiked. You must admit any of these options might be true. Turned out the deer was friendly when Alex moved closer so he concluded it was a guard deer.
You need to squint and look carefully at the image as it was taken in dim light. You can see the wheel of the bike and the outline of the deer. The two bright circles are either the reflection of the camera flash or the deer was emitting lasers out of his eyes to nab any potential bike thief. Needless to say, Alex put the deer under contract and can now park his bike at random with a guard deer on the job. So find your own deer and relax when you take a break.