Group Rides

Eli Post


Now that traditional rides are being restored it seems timely to take stock of why they exist in the first place. After all you don’t need a group if you want to ride. Biking is not like baseball where you need others to play the game. However, cycling is a surprisingly social sport. While it may not be a team sport, on a group ride people support each other as they do on a team. The shared experience amplifies the individual experience.

A collective experience is clearly more rewarding than an individual activity. The social sciences tell us that people feel a sense of energy and harmony when they come together in a group over a shared mission. On a group ride people make friends easily with no thought of where someone is from or what they do, other than they ride a bike. Group rides make it easy for people to share their thoughts leading to great conversations. Covid forced us to stay at home and avoid large crowds, and reminded us that when we all behave with the well-being of others in mind, the ride is better for all. The Covid restrictions are ending, and we can fortunately start resuming a more normal lifestyle including group rides.

This may be preaching to the choir as you are all members of a bike club, but group rides have much to offer. Beyond the camaraderie there are safety considerations, skill development and demonstrably better performance.

CRW offers daytime group rides on Wednesdays and Thursdays if you can ride during the week, evening rides for those busy during the day, and weekend rides are starting to appear. As of this writing August 2021 offers several weekend rides.

It’s time to get out and ride, and CRW can help you enjoy a sense of community with its wide ride offerings. Many folks rediscovered their bikes during Covid, and we hope all join the club's group rides and enjoy all they have to offer.

The opinions here are strictly those of the author who has a long volunteer history with the club including running the ride program for several years. Tim Wilson helped edit.