Gravel Rides

Eli Post



The Boston Globe ran an article about gravel rides, and it featured CRW, and our own Amy Juodawikis, who is the club’s co-lead for the Gravel Ride program.

The article can be read here The asphalt exodus: Bicyclists and runners turn to gravel trails as a safer way to ride and run - The Boston Globe This link may not work for all.

In summary, the article reports that “off-road terrain provides a refuge from aggressive drivers.” It quotes Amy extensively including “In my area (Arlington) you’re always looking out for car doors opening, buses pulling out, lane changes, et cetera. Getting on the trail removes these stresses, although you always have to be thinking about riding safely in the woods.”

Check the CRW calendar for gravel rides, and you will soon be riding through the woods.

Boston Globe photo by Mattew J. Lee showing CRW cyclists along the Battle Road Trail in Lincoln, MA.