Foliage Ride Collection

Susan Glass

The town collections committee is pleased to announce that we have a new Foliage Rides collection joining the town collections.  These are rides that members have found to be particularly lovely for foliage season riding, because they have many miles of colorful tree-lined roads and/or one or more spectacular views.  Most of the rides are in the northwest-of-Boston area, but we also have a few rides in Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  That means you can plan a ride in a peak foliage area by cross-referencing to the New England Foliage map

Many thanks to Bob Wolf, Ken Hablow, A J Gemperline, Lindy King, and Phillip Stern for contributing ride suggestions. 

If you have a suggestion for a foliage ride, please email it to collections [at] crw.orgcollections [at] (,) ideally with a link to the route. It's never too late to add great routes that can be used in the future!

We thank Jack Donohue for installing the cool and engaging weather image.