Free GPS Navigation for CRW Members

Eli Post

There are many reasons to join a bike club, and they should all be obvious, except there is a recent one which you may not be aware of. GPS supports apps on your cell phone to provide navigation, and has dramatically impacted group riding. Virtually all CRW rides include interactive routes which can be used to navigate, and we have chosen to use “Ride With GPS (RWGPS)” a leader in this field. Members get premium features for free on RWGPS routes in the Club’s database, which includes turn-by-turn voice activated notifications.

We encourage all members to take advantage of GPS navigation. Full details on how to get started are on the Members section of . Non-members can join the club so they too can enjoy seamless navigation on Club rides.

One of our members, Harriet Fell, has written an extensive article about various aspects of using Ride With GPS and her article can be viewed HERE.

This article was inspired by a weekend ride I led this past summer. Being old school, I printed cue sheets and was reasonably close in matching to the number of riders who joined the ride. However, I did not hand out any cue sheets, not a single cue sheet. It was evidence that the GPS revolution had arrived full force. Since CRW no longer arrows rides or centuries, you are encouraged to join the club and sign up for Ride With GPS, so you are freed from the tyranny of a cue sheet and can enjoy trouble free riding.


Eli Post is Editor of Wheelpeople.