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Connect with the Club Online
Last year we introduced new ways for members to engage with the club virtually on Strava, Facebook, Instagram, and Slack. We’re pleased to see many members using these forums to share ride photos, swap gear advice, and plan rides. We encourage all members to join and connect with your fellow riders. Whether you’re looking to meet up with others for virtual and in-person rides, or be the first to hear about new club programs like the Devo group, the forums are the best way to stay current with club happenings.



Facebook Group Club members are using the club Facebook Group to post photos from their cycling adventures, encourage each other through the winter riding challenge, ask cycling-related questions, and share knowledge. We’ve been delighted to see this respectful, supportive, and fun community grow since launching the Facebook Group last April. Join the Facebook Group here:



Slack Forum Slack is a messaging app that allows members to join discussion groups for specific topics or to message other members directly. Members have been coordinating Zwift meetups in the #ride-virtual channel, planning new challenges in the #devo channel, and sharing knowledge in the #gear channel. There’s also a #women channel where CRW women can connect and plan rides. Join the club on Slack using special invite code.



Strava Over 1,500 cyclists have joined the Charles River Wheelers club on Strava. If you’re already using Strava, join the club to learn about upcoming rides and see who is attending. If you’re not familiar with Strava, it’s a great tool for tracking and sharing your rides. You can join for free online or download the app. Find the club on Strava here:



Instagram is the club’s newest social media channel. Tag @crwheelers and use the hashtag #crwheelers when you share posts and stories of your cycling adventures. 
Follow us on Instagram @crwheelers:



CRW Google Group is not a new forum, but remains active and available to members. You can choose the frequency of messages: all, combined in daily digest, or none, to read them only on the web.
To subscribe send an email to charlesriverwheelers+subscribe [at] Google Groups email for members. Full details about guidelines, access, & promotions are available in separate document.


We’re encouraged by the participation so far and hope to see these forums continue to grow!



A few guidelines for participating in our forums:

Hang around… Get a feel for the "spirit" of the place.

Read more than you post. Read the entire thread before posting

CRW tends towards being “PG rated. Please post accordingly. Profanity, vulgarity in posts are not welcome

No bashing—of people, other riding clubs or other groups. It's always OK to post what you like about someone or something. It's easy to get carried away and say something in print that can be misunderstood. Being respectful is always welcomed.

Allow newbies a mistake or two. Be gracious, we were all new here once.

Read with a positive perspective. Understanding the spirit of CRW, read posts with a positive slant. If a post rubs you the wrong way, consider that perhaps you're reading what's not there, or that the poster isn't saying what they mean clearly. Assume that we're going to agree in the end, and just cut to the chase… grin!

Post with a positive perspective. Negativity invites challenge and confrontation. Assume the nobler intent of the post to which you are responding before reacting.

Please only post that which you would say face to face to someone. This simple guideline takes much heat away from the fire.

Not every post to you requires a response. Sometimes it's best just to let it be.

Be respectful of others. While everyone is entitled to an opinion there are some topics that have proven to be contentious. Please keep in mind, CRW is a bicycle group. Criticisms and ridicule of other peoples' politics, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, are just a few of these volatile topics. Think before you post. But if you choose to post don't be offended if a moderator pulls the plug on the thread before it gets out of hand.

No promotions or spam. Give more than you take to this group. Self-promotion, spam, & irrelevant links are not allowed. No soliciting & recruiting members to join other organizations & external events outside of CRW. For reciprocal agreement, review document at
No diverting members to alternate communication channels. No soliciting & recruiting members to join other email distribution lists, newsletters, chat groups, or any other communication methods outside of CRW. We understand there will be cases to coordinate a particular ride or one-time event where participants coordinate separately. We are open to your feedback on how we can improve the channels that we have. Please share your thoughts with us on Slack #club-governance channel or contact us directly at