Forget to Ride?

Eli Post

It’s been long cold winter with an historic blizzard to top it off, and many of you are wondering if you might forget how to ride a bike. You are reminded we have more than a month to go until spring. Will we ever get back on our bikes and when we do, will we remember how to ride?

As we know riding a bike isn’t a simple task . You must maintain your balance while simultaneously managing various motor skills. Our memories let us down in so many ways like forgetting the name of a place or person, it’s reasonable to wonder if riding a bike is subject to the same fate.

Fear not! There’s a reason we say “it’s like riding a bike” when encouraging someone to return to a long-neglected activity.

It is nearly impossible to forget how to ride a bike because it is a type of knowledge that's easy for your brain to store. According to neuroscientists there is a key nerve cell in the brain's cerebellum that controls the creation of motor skill memories, such as riding a bike or using food utensils.

I got my first road bike when I was 14. My father who immigrated from Russia as a young man had not been on a bike in almost four decades. He hopped right on my bike and rode down the street with confidence as if his last ride had been the day before.

So, take heart. It will be warming up later in March, the club calendar will fill with ride opportunities, and you’ll be ready as ever to get out and ride. Norman the Wonder Dog should inspire you.


Edited by Tim Wilson.


Well, yes, and no. Try this on for size. Jus' sayin'. I have asked Dustin to test this out. He's not responded.