Favorite RWGPS Routes

Eli Post



My riding habits and routes are no secret to my friends and family. In fact in this very newsletter, I have reported on my transition from road bike to electrical-assist trike. It came as surprise to me, however, when I received an email from Ride With GPS (RWGPS) inquiring about one of my routes and asking whether it would be appropriate for other riders. I did not know I was being watched.

Excerpt from RWGPS Email

It turns out that this was not unauthorized surveillance by evil forces, but an effort by our friends at RWGPS to make route finding easier for their members. The RWGPS library has grown to millions of routes, and sifting through them can be overwhelming. They felt that indicating favorite routes would be helpful, and allow them to deliver better results. This is still a Beta feature, and only a small selection of riders have been contacted. Don't be surprised if you are contacted, and we ask you cooperate to enhance the ride prospects of the members of this club.

And how about that route.  I ride with a group of locals who wanted a ride for winter that was short but challenging, and had a food offering at the start. This route fit the bill. The restaurant has plenty of parking and offers an "all you can eat" buffet. Perfect for hungry riders. The Sky Buffet route was developed before Covid, and we are no longer comfortable with a buffet offering, but I still ride the route and skip lunch. The route has a short stretch on a bike path, and then winds on pretty New England roads, with a few hills, and unfortunately some major road crossings. The other day I saw a field full of cows. We will return to the buffet after Covid.

This is the route https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40019583 and feel free to contact me if any questions Eli [at] crw.org