Favorite Club Rides

Eli Post

Last month we reported on finding routes for riding solo through the Ride With GPS library. Another approach for finding routes is to look at “favorite rides” which are those rides which are repeated on the club calendar and draw riders year after year. They are listed here in alphabetical order of the start towns, but we are not ranking them. All have won a place as exciting rides, and we know they will be rewarding. Note that the start locations may not be available when you elect to ride.



Bedford: Apple Pi Ride https://www.crw.org/content/apple-pi-ride-0

This may be the granddaddy of rides as it goes back to 1998. There are routes of 35 and 55 miles taking you to western suburbs and country roads.










Berlin: Back Roads of Switzerland https://www.crw.org/content/back-roads-switzerland-6

This is a hilly ride and has beautiful roads and splendid views. 30, 50 or 65 miles








This is the famous annual 19 mile New Year Day ride which runs on a day when there is virtually no traffic in Downtown Boston. It's an ideal outing now with little traffic on Boston streets.





Boxford: Bagels and a Witch https://www.crw.org/content/bagels-and-witch-12

This is a North Shore classic with routes of 20, 45 and 53 miles, all on quiet roads.









Concord: Bridges of the Sudbury River https://www.crw.org/content/bridges-sudbury-river-3

The Bridges ride is an early spring favorite as it includes an easy 19 mile option along with 27 and 36 miles. It's been on the CRW calendar for over 25 years. You ride over twelve bridges, and even see one that George Washington crossed.





Concord: CRW 50th Verrill Farm https://www.crw.org/content/crw-50th-verrill-farm-1

The routes we put together for the club’s 50th celebration won high marks. You have the added benefit of starting at a genuine farm. There are routes of 31, 51 and 64 miles listed. Also there is an Intro Ride of 17 mile HERE . This is not a beginner's ride, but an introduction to group riding.










Dover: In Search of Llamashttps://www.crw.org/content/search-llamas

Explore the towns south and west of Boston on rural roads with distances of 39 or 52 miles









Dover: Moose Hill Mania https://www.crw.org/content/moose-hill-mania-1

This is another ride starting in Dover but a very different one. It heads south to the Moose Hill Reservation in Sharon and includes a dramatic loop around a Lake.There are two routes: 32 and 49 miles.





Hingham: South Shore Coastal Ride https://www.crw.org/content/south-shore-costal-ride

You will not find a prettier ride than this with coastal views, and quaint waterfront towns. 28 and 41 miles.





Lexington: Al Bolea Memorial Ride https://www.crw.org/content/annual-al-bolea-memorial-ride-1

This memorial ride starts at a convenient, central location with routes of 20, 37, and 52 miles. It has been run annually and draws a large crowd.





Manchester By The Sea: Cape Ann and North Shore https://www.crw.org/content/cape-ann-and-north-shore

The ride includes picturesque towns and ocean views.Routes are 30, 47, and 63 miles.








Middleborough: Cranberry Harvest Ride https://www.crw.org/content/cranberry-harvest-ride

The Cranberry ride started out as a weekend ride, and was so well received that we made it a club century ride. There are multiple route options here for every rider. 30, 43, 66 and 100 miles.




Needham: Needham, Dover and Beyond https://www.crw.org/content/needham-dover-and-beyond-14

This started out as the club’s Saturday Morning Fitness Ride, one of our most popular rides running for over 500 continuous Saturdays. It has options for beginners as well as advanced riders. Routes are 19, 27 and 41 miles.





Sudbury: Rosy Cheeks https://www.crw.org/content/rosy-cheeks-0

The routes feature quiet, scenic, well-loved roads with a few hills thrown in for good measure 28 and 44 miles.







Sudbury: Climb to the Clouds https://ridewithgps.com/events/75164-crw-climb-to-the-clouds-2019

No favorites list would be complete without CTTC. It is a challenging set of routes and you are rewarded with a splendid view atop Mt. Wachusett.






Eli Post is Editor of WheelPeople.