Emily Vigeant Joins the Adventure Program Leadership Team

Steve Carlson



Our Adventure Program is in full swing for 2021!  Seven adventures were opened in mid-April for registration: our first trip, the NYC adventure is in the bag and what a great time we had!  Four other trips  are booked full and the remaining two are getting very close to capacity!   It is wonderful to see all the newly introduced CRW Ride Programs doing so well.  The enthusiasm continues strong which breeds hope that the offerings will remain a staple within the club for years to come.  


Success not only comes from our great CRW members participating in these programs, but also relies on the coordination and leadership of the vital few….our volunteers!


Emily Vigeant has recently joined me in the leadership of our Adventures Program.  While new to CRW and relatively new to biking, her involvement and enthusiasm has already bonded her with the club and so many of our riders.   You likely have already seen her ride postings and riding tips on our Slack communication channel.


Hopefully you will get to meet her on the road soon (she seems to be everywhere), but until then, please get to know a bit about her CRW and riding passion with this brief introduction.  



Emily joined CRW in early 2021 after what she terms her “Forrest Gump Year.” Although she’d cycled casually around the city in the past, Emily says was never really a cyclist.


Last April she began riding the same 16-mile loop every day for months. Not trying to go faster or farther. No bike shorts, no cleats, no clipping. She didn’t carry a repair kit or spare tube, nor did she know how to use either. She was just riding to ride.


Somewhere along the way she just kept riding. She has no idea exactly when or how it happened, but a year later she’s logging 150-200 miles per week and completed / co-led her first century ride – CRW’s Mirror Century – at a 15.4 pace over 7,711 feet of elevation.


But, Emily says her biggest achievement was planning her first adventure tour, a week-long ride across Florida, which she did solo in February after dreaming it up on New Year’s Day. On the tour, she finally fixed her first flat and had her first bike crash. With that behind her, Emily now sees Murphy’s Law as part of what makes adventures meaningful.


Next on her docket is CRW’s Providence to NYC adventure in May, which she’s getting a head start on, riding from Boston to the Providence with a few CRW members who are extra adventurous. In June, she’ll co-lead CRW’s Summit to Sea, an epic adventure that will take riders up and down Mt. Greylock before crossing the state to Provincetown in three back-to-back centuries. In addition to many more CRW adventures Emily plans to join, she’ll be dipping her toes into gravel riding. And, outside of the club, Emily is squeezing in two other tours with the Adventure Cycling Association – one ME/NH tour and a trek across Death Valley.


When I asked Emily her thoughts on CRW so far, she said, “I’d never ridden in a group and figured CRW would be stereotypical roadies and pace lines. And I was fine with that. I definitely did not expect to discover a slew of adventurers I’d ride with every week and a program to support us. Hands down CRW has made my 2021!”


When Emily isn’t cycling, you can find her working from her Cambridge apartment in what has become more of a bike garage than an office! She is currently a Marketing Director for a Canadian company that manufactures industrial PPE. Prior to that, she held leadership roles in marketing and investor relations in venture capital firms.


Emily is a Boston native who grew up just outside the city. She’s been a long-time city dweller since attending Northeastern University for her bachelor’s and Emerson College for her master’s.


I would like to recognize Rami Haddad to getting us where we are to this point and I am excited to welcome Emily as I look forward to her help to get the program to the next level.


To learn more about the Adventure Programs Click Here

To sign up for a 2021 Adventure see our web page for dates and full ride details: crw.org




Let's GOOOOOOOOO Emily!!! Woohooo!!!

The adventure program is in fantastic hands with Emily in it!!!