Ed Cheng - New VP Rides

WheelPeople Editors
At its meeting of May 10, 2021 the CRW board voted Ed Cheng as the new VP OF Rides.
Ed Cheng is a long time member of CRW, having completed the Fall Century in NH twice and the Cranberry Harvest Century multiple times, as well as random weekend and recurring rides over the years.  He admits, however, that he has kept mostly to himself in the past, and blames the pandemic for causing him to come out of his biking shell.  Since January, he has been serving as the Interim VP of Rides, after having been shamelessly tricked into joining the Rides Committee on a trial basis.  "It will be light lifting," they said; "You can ease into it," they said; "Nevermind the title as the compensation is more than double what the President of CRW is paid," was the kicker. 
In the months leading to the Summer riding season, Ed has helped shepherd a number of inherited projects to completion, including: 
    With Amy Wilson and Rami Haddad, compliance with the new Insurance Policy so that all riders on all rides are insured, even on Rami's "leaderless" rides; 
    With Jack Donohue, Mary Kernan, and John O'Dowd, the design and implementation of the new Registration system that ensures that all riders and all rides are insured, and simplified the entire  waiver, roster, and disclosures system.  No more paper!
    He also stood by and watched Robyn Betts, Mary Kernan, John O'Dowd, and Barbara Jacobs train nearly 50 new rider leaders and many returning ride leaders on how to effectively plan, calendar, and lead rides.  He learned a lot from attending the session himself.
    Last, he proofread the Ride Leader Handbook authored by Mary Kernan, that not only gives ride leaders answers to their questions, but also centralizes the communication of information to Ride Leaders
Because of the work of the members of the Rides Committee, the Board has decided to remove the "Interim" from Ed's title to induce him to actually do some of the work himself.  The Rides Committee is eagerly waiting with bated breath to see if he will initiate any projects now that the inherited projects are completed.  Ed has reported that his goals for this season are twofold: (1) pave the way for CRW and its members to resume a normal calendar of rides; and (2) make sure that there's a place in CRW for riders of all different speeds and abilities. 
In Ed's spare time, he is a Litigation Partner at the law firm of Sherin and Lodgen LLP, where he represents corporations in business disputes, and attorneys in legal malpractice actions and before the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers.  He is a "lawyer's lawyer."  He is the proud father of three daughters and is gradually becoming the slowest rider in his family (his wife graciously permits him to draft her). We don't usually show bikes without riders, but Ed called his bike his "happy place", and it deserved recognition.


Congrats, Ed. Full speed ahead!!!

Thanks, Ed - Grateful for your willingness to lead rides - I'm used to seeing you from behind! Dick