Dynamo Jenny

Rami Haddad

The advent of the bicycle coincided with, and influenced, the rise of the women’s rights movement in the late nineteenth century. But, by some accounts, it could be argued that cycling was more gender-inclusive then than it is today. Dynamo Jenny, Adventure Cycling’s first-ever podcast, explores the dynamics of women, bikes, and taking on public space in America through personal stories from the people who ride.

Podcast host, Jessica Zephyrs, introduces listeners to industry gurus like Nicole Formosa, professional creatives like Hilary Oliver, and a handful of inspiring and hilarious women from all walks of life. The podcast can be viewed here https://www.adventurecycling.org/subscribe/podcast/ 

“With adventure being hard to come by at this particular time, connection and stories are the ways we have to get out of our own headspaces right now,” Zephyrs said. “So I’m particularly excited that I have the privilege of helping to convey some really lovely, and at times outrageous, personal accounts of bicycle travel. 

“The podcast has everything from grizzly bear encounters, an overnighter at a monastery, and on-tour breakups to feminist bicycle history, bicycle clubs for people of color, and a woman who’s trying to find out if she’s the first Black woman to ride the TransAmerica Trail self-supported. These women’s stories hit on some of the most poignant aspects of traveling on a bike: vulnerability, self-doubt, and joy.”

Find Dynamo Jenny on all major listening apps, including Apple, Spotify, Google, & Stitcher. All episodes are available for download now.