Deliberate Pace Rides

Edward Cheng


The club is planning recurring rides, such as Barbara Jacobs' Bike Thursday, which is an awesome ride, for Deliberate Pace riders, which is a pace of 10-12 mph.  The Lexington (Social) Revolutions is also aiming to have a group of riders at the Deliberate Pace each Saturday morning.  This latter ride meets at the same time and place and uses the same route each time, so riders will hopefully get into the habit of going on this ride and finding and making friends.

We are hoping to schedule soon, a set of rides dedicated to the Deliberate Pace.  There's a cool ride on May 23 that incorporates discussions about biking history:  Revisit the Charles:  Where the Bicyclists Played in 1895.  Rudge McKenney has a fantastic ride in the works that he'll be posting soon, solely for Deliberate Pace riders.  As this group becomes larger, we'll be able to add more rides specifically for this group.


If you want to go on a ride, just go to the website, find the ride on the Calendar, and register.  Then talk to folks on this channel and/or email, and persuade other Deliberate Pace riders to join.  Find each other at the beginning of the ride, and commit to sticking together.  Indeed, you can do this with any ride at all -- just requires a little coordination, and this group now has the tools to do so.


Barbara Jacobs has graciously agreed to be the leader of the Deliberate Pace Group.  She's a long time Ride Leader who knows her stuff (far better than the Interim VP of Rides).


The key to making this successful is for people to communicate and to make an extra effort to join the Deliberate Pace rides so that we can develop a core group of Deliberate Pace riders.


Please do not hesitate to post any other questions, or email me at edward_cheng_89 [at] or Barbara at nyder.jacobs [at]