December Film Festival

Alex Post


There's nothing better than getting out for a ride, but on a rest day a video can almost take us there, so enjoy our monthly virtual film fest. .  

An Almost Perfect Dream
There's an old biking adage that a back flip onto a trampoline is worth two front flips off of a trampoline. Ok, maybe that's not actually an adage, or even something a sane person would choose to do, but Gabriel Wibner begs to differ. 7 Mins.
10 Unusual Bikes
Staying Warm In Winter
Winter officially begins on December 21st, but if you ask your fingers and toes after a ride they might argue it's already begun. If you're planning to cycle in the cold, here are a few tips. 5 Mins.



Alex Post is a CRW member who lives in Virginia, but regularly visits MA to bike with his dad. He has also led rides for CRW.