WheelPeople Graphic Designer – David Cooper

Eli Post


It takes well over 100 volunteers to run CRW, and the tasks are not evenly divided. Some contribute more than was ever expected, and do so out of a commitment to the club, and in some cases a high sense of professional pride. One such volunteer is David Cooper who recently retired as the WheelPeople graphic designer. David started in the year 2000, and brought a high degree of professional quality to his work. WheelPeople went beyond what you would expect for a bike club newsletter. I speak from direct experience as I had the privilege of working with David where he created visually stunning articles from the text and photos I supplied. I suppose the highest compliment I can make is that David made me look good. He also never shirked from additional work when he was recruited to take on the design of CRW’s custom apparel. He handled the give and take with the Board with grace, and we were all grateful with the process and for the ultimate product.  Larry Kernan, President of CRW, commented, “On behalf of myself, the Board and the entire membership of CRW, it is hard to express sufficient gratitude for all of what David has done over the last 20 years.” We wish David well, and you may also extend thanks when you see him on a club ride.



Dave and I have been friends for many years, dating back to the early 1970s, when we were both active in whitewater canoeing and kayaking with the AMC. Over the years, we have had several common interests and activities, including windsurfing, and more recently, bicycling and home brewing. When both of my children got married during the same summer in 2016, I brewed special batches of beer for each of their weddings, and Dave helped me convert rough ideas and some photographs into special labels for the beer bottles, which are now on display in my living room and in both of my kids' homes. He is a very talented graphic artist. We have also collaborated in purchasing brewing supplies. It surprises me that he, an artist, and I, an engineer, have had so many common interests. It's been a privilege to be friends with him. I'm always glad to see Dave on a ride, and my wife and I see Dave and his wife Renee at social occasions several times a year, usually with other friends from our whitewater years.