John Allen

I like to point to things you can check out so I don’t have to recite all the details myself. And as a CyclingSavvy instructor, I’m pleased to be able to direct you to the offerings of the CyclingSavvy program, even now as the pandemic and  cold weather put in-person sessions on hold.  

Our online offerings, though, continue, and have expanded. How about spending a couple of hours prepping yourself for the cycling season? You or a friend could do worse than to sign up for the free online CyclingSavvy Essentials Short Course.

The name actually understates. The Essentials course starts with basic information on checking out the bicycle, adjusting saddle height, and starting and stopping gracefully. But the course quickly moves on to advice that makes bicycling more efficient and safer for anyone: avoiding fall hazards, path etiquette, and especially, avoiding conflicts with cars – controlling space when necessary, releasing when that is safe;  preventing intersection collisions. You’ll discover basic lifesaving information you need to keep yourself safe, wherever you ride.

Many people have started cycling recently as the pandemic has highlighted its advantages as socially-distanced outdoor exercise and transportation. The Essentials Short course is a great way to get a friend started out on the right foot, or for that matter, the left foot.

CyclingSavvy is the flagship program of the nonprofit American Bicycling Education Association. Signing up for the Essentials Mini-Course comes with a free lifetime membership that also gives you access to Savvy Cyclist blog posts, Smart Moves articles and other great content.

You could also check out the more advanced online courses at There is a charge for them, but they are well worth it.

And also, this is the first in a series of three articles aimed at sharpening riding skills as warmer weather opens up. Next month, I’ll be announcing three online Webinar recordings about group-riding skills, followed up by an in-person Zoom session. See you there!

John Allen is CRW Safety Coordinator.