Custom Cues

Eli Post

Ride With GPS has many features which escape the eye, but which could come in handy in given situations. One of these features is “custom cues” which can alert riders to points of interest that would ordinarily not appear on the automatically generated cue sheet. This feature has value for ride leaders and anyone planning a route that friends might use. Note that this is a feature that needs a premium paid account or ride leader access to the CRW account.

Let’s provide an example when a custom clue is useful. Suppose the ride start is a parking area with no mapped roads. You will not be able to use the “follow the road” tool, but you can insert a custom cue “turn left into parking area” to guide riders. Or you might wish to warn “start long climb” or “beware of train tracks”. Details for working with custom cues are here and these are the main steps:

  • When in edit mode, click “custom cue” in the right side panel.
  • Click on the route where you want to insert the custom cue.
  • Fill in the information and “save”.You can also customize any of the automatically generated cues."Left onto Main Street" could become "Left onto Main Street by the Dunkin."

It’s that simple and you have enhanced your cue sheet to provide for a more informative and likely safer ride. Also the custom cue will sound when using voice navigation.