March 2023 WheelPeople

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President's Message March 2023
Edward Cheng

A message from the CRW president, reviewing the club's activities.


Riding Pitfalls
Eli Post

Safety hints on what not to do when you ride with a group.


5 Ways to Improve Your Riding This Winter

Coach John Hughes

Here are five simple things you can do this winter to improve your performance.


Little Jack's Corner Redux
Jack Donohue

Jack reminisces about the needs of geezers


The Athlete's Kitchen - Breakfast and Lunch: Food for Thought

Nancy Clark

 Please enjoy satisfying breakfasts and lunches that keep you feeling fed for three to four hours. You will feel happier, more energetic, and have better workouts. 


Looking Back 50 Years to the CRW of 1973
John Springfield

John reflects on his 50 years as a CRW member.


Good News for Male Cyclists

Cycling is not associated with increased risk for impotence or urinary symptoms. The largest and best study on the subject to date shows that serious cyclists are no more likely to suffer impotence or urinary problems than swimmers or runners


A Condensed History of the Bicycle - Part One-the 1800's
Jerry Skurla

This is a history of the development of the modern bicycle starting in the early 1800's.


Ride With GPS - Find Feature
Eli Post

RWGPS has a "find" feature to discover routes that meet your search criteria.


The CRW Women’s Program: An Open Letter About Women-Only Rides

An update on the club's "woman only rides".


Counterpoint to Open letter to the Board and members of CRW re: women-only rides
Kathy Horvath

This is a counterpoint to the "woman's only" rides article in this issue.


March Picture of the Month
WheelPeople Editors

A remarkable bike shadow.