January 2023 WheelPeople

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New Year's Day Ride
WheelPeople Editors

Every club has its traditions, and CRW has many of it's own. Our famous New Year's Day Ride is planned for Sunday January 1, 2023.


Year-End Mileage Reporting for the Hangin' In List
Jack Donohue

Update your year end mileage before statistics are compiled.


What’s the Route Like
Eli Post

Referencing the route map before a ride can be useful for a variety of reasons. The maps offer a strategy for acquiring advanced knowledge about a route.


The Athlete's Kitchen - Sports Nutrition Podcasts

Nancy Clark

 Thanks to the Internet, we have abundant access to high quality, science-based nutrition podcasts. 


Exercising in Cold Weather

Cold weather requires extra precautions.


Winter Riding- 2023
Eli Post

Most of you have hung up your bikes for the winter ahead. After all, biking is for warm weather and why risk getting frozen or even the “what am I doing here” feelings as your bones freeze. However we believe winter biking is cool, and we provide tips for your safe and comfortable riding.


Winter Riding Videos
WheelPeople Editors

Some videos might help you decide or provide hints if you do ride when it is cold.


Anti-Aging: 8 Tips for Facing Winter

Coach John Hughes

It's gotten cold and you are wondering if you can ride outdoors a few more weeks before putting the bike on the trainer? 


Bike Paths: Minuteman Commuter Bikeway
Eli Post

The Minuteman Commuter Bikeway has been called America’s Revolutionary Rail Trail. It is one of the most popular and successful rail trails in the United States, and was the fifth inductee into the national Rail-Trail Hall of Fame.


On Your Left
Eli Post

The call "On your left" can confuse some folks.


January Picture of the Month
WheelPeople Editors

Winter is here.


January Updates
WheelPeople Editors

There are updates for several of our past articles.