November 2022 WheelPeople

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2022 Ride Leader Party
Mary Kernan

Ride Leaders are the cornerstone of CRW. We would not have a bike club, without these dedicated volunteers.


2022 Election Results
John O'Dowd

We are reporting the results of the 2022 CRW Board Election. 


Accidents Can Happen When You Least Expect One
Eli Post

We share the road with cars, but there are other menaces to cope with.


A Touring Life - Minnesota Meander
John Springfield

Right after Labor Day the author decided to celebrate his 74th birthday by taking a bike tour of Minnesota.


Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail
Alex Post

This summer we biked from Pittsburgh to DC, along the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) Trail, and the C&O Canal trail. The two trails combined are 334 miles, and we had 6 riding days, 3 on each trail.


Gravel Rides
Eli Post

Gravel Rides provide an opportunity to ride through the woods, and avoid traffic.


The Athlete's Kitchen - Food & Physique

Nancy Clark

Many athletes feel pressure to have a perfect body, perfect diet, and ideally, perfect performances.


Anti-Aging: Fatigue Resistance Research

Coach John Hughes

How to improve your fatigue resistance..


On Seeing Red
John Allen

What to do when the traffic signals go through an entire cycle except for the one that applies to you.


Late Afternoon Exercise Helps to Control Blood Sugar Better than Morning Exercise

A study from Japan found that exercising in the late afternoon (4-6 PM) helps to control blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels better than exercising in the morning.


Favorite RWGPS Routes
Eli Post

RWGPS is taking note of favorite routes.


Bike Art
WheelPeople Editors

Some just love their bike and want it in their lives continuously.


November Picture of the Month
WheelPeople Editors

Riding on the beach