August 2022 WheelPeople

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Sandy Gray
Eli Post

Sandy Gray was president of CRW in 2017 and 2018. We are saddened to report that Sandy died on July 6, 2022.


Adventure Ride: Vermont’s Green Mountain Gravel Growler
Steve Carlson

Ride Leaders Steve Carlson and Steve Delaney took a team of riders to Vermont for a second consecutive year. 


11 Tips on How to Ride a Road Bike on Gravel.

Coach John Hughes

11 Tips on How to Ride a Road Bike on Gravel


The Athlete's Kitchen - Performance Enhancers

Nancy Clark

Caffeinated foods can enhance athletic performance.


July 4th Ride
WheelPeople Editors

A July 4th ride is celebrated.


Two Ways to Ride Through an Intersection
John Allen

The video embedded in this article shows two ways to ride through the same intersection.


Eat and Sleep to Recover from Intense Exercise

A study of almost 30,000 older women followed for 12 years showed that those who did strength training had fewer deaths from heart attacks and all causes than those who did not lift weights


Eli Post

Join us on some video spoofs and we hope these introduce a few smiles in your day.


Little Jack's Corner Redux
Jack Donohue

Jack reminisces about the techniques of drafting.


August Picture of the Month
Eli Post

The East Bay Bike Path is one of the prettiest in the country and an easy commute from the Boston area


Military Bikes
Eli Post

A military bicycle is a bicycle specially adapted to the needs of armed forces.