July 2022 WheelPeople

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President's Message July 2022
Edward Cheng

A message from the CRW president, including reports on upcoming club events.


Pre-Ride Safety Talk
Eli Post

The pre-ride safety talk has taken on new significance now that it is mandated by our insurance provider. Safety is of course a prime mission of club rides.


Intro to Bikepacking Adventure Ride - Back in July 2022
Jerry Skurla

This Adventure Ride debuted in 2021 and was an Introduction to Bikepacking via an overnight trip in Vermont. A great time was had by all in 2021, and we are bringing the ride back in 2022 on July 23 and July 24.


President's Ride
Eli Post

The President's Ride was initiated by Mary and Larry Kernan, and was successfully run on June 18,


Not Exercise Club
Eli Post

A new bike club is proposed for an underserved group.


The Gluck Legal Takeaway: 30 Years: Is It Safer Out There?
Ronald Gluck

Attorney Gluck addresses safety at present compared to 30 years back.


Cycling Aches & Pains, Part 1: A Pain in the Butt

Coach John Hughes

Saddle discomfort is discussed and how to deal with resulting sores


The Athlete's Kitchen - Commercial Sports Foods: A Matter of Preference

Nancy Clark

If you are among the many athletes who have no idea which commercial sports foods are best to support your workouts, welcome to the club.


Celebrating 50 Years of TOSRV-East
John Springfield

A classic bike tour route is remembered.


An Unsolicited Favor
John Allen

When a motorist invites you to pass on the right.


Resistance Exercise Becomes Even More Important As You Age

A study of almost 30,000 older women followed for 12 years showed that those who did strength training had fewer deaths from heart attacks and all causes than those who did not lift weights


President Biden Crashed His Bike
WheelPeople Editors

The President takes a tumble.