June 2022 WheelPeople

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Spring Century - 2022
WheelPeople Editors

The Club ran a modified Spring Century on May 21st. There were  three beautiful routes of 100, 62 and 50 miles on slightly rolling rural roads through the Merrimack Valley.


The Gluck Legal Takeaway - The Critical Role of Witnesses to an Accident
Ronald Gluck

If you witness an accident, let the victim and the police know.  The role of eyewitnesses is critical to the outcome of a case involving injured cyclists.  .


Cycling Aches and Pains III: Numb Hands or Hands that Hurt

Coach John Hughes

Do your hands go numb when you’re cycling? In the RBR reader survey a few weeks ago, painful or numb hands was the third most frequent problem cited. 


The Athlete's Kitchen - Once You Lose Weight, Can You Keep It Off

Nancy Clark

The quest for the perfect body can be illusive, and when an athlete gets to their desired weight,  it can be hard to maintain. This article delves into why losing weight for some athletes might seem easier than maintaining that weight loss. 


Riding Winter Street
John Allen

Instructions are provided for crossing a complicated intersection in Waltham.


Kittie Knox Ride
Randolph Williams

On Sunday, June 5, 2022, NECCD (New England Cycling Coalition for Diversity) and MassBike will host a community bike ride around Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, and Waltham to celebrate Katherine “Kittie” Knoxa bi-racial woman cyclist and barrier-breaker in the 1890s.


Sleep to Recover from Hard Exercise

Athletes who train for competition in sports that require endurance learn sooner or later that after exercising long and hard, they feel sleepy and need to go to sleep to recover. 


June Film Festival
Alex Post

These YouTube video links all relate to biking, and you can enjoy the sport vicariously until it warms enough to ride.


Riding the Trike – Interim Report
Eli Post

An interim report on switching from a bike to a trike.


June Picture of the Month
WheelPeople Editors

A scenic view along the Cranberry Harvest Century route.


June Updates
WheelPeople Editors

There are updates for several of our past articles.