March 2022 WheelPeople

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CRW Board Profile
Steve Carlson

The CRW Board  began work on 1/1/22. We would like to introduce individual members so you better know who governs the club. This month we feature Steve Carlson, and will introduce other members in future issues.


Anti-Aging: Core Strength in 1 Hour a Week

Coach John Hughes

No matter how long and how hard you train on your bike, as the decades pass your aerobic capacity and muscular power will inevitably decline.


The Athlete's Kitchen - Yes, Even Athletes Get Heart Disease

Nancy Clark

Even skinny athletes die suddenly of heart attacks and strokes. Heart disease is the number-one killer, ahead of cancer, and accounts for one in four deaths. No one can out-exercise a bad diet. 


March Film Festival
Alex Post

These YouTube video links all relate to biking, and you can enjoy the sport vicariously until it warms enough to ride.


How We Learned That Lactic Acid Is Good For You

Intense exercise training causes mitochondria in muscles to grow larger and take up increased amounts of lactic acid to provide exercisers with increased sources of energy so they can exercise longer and harder


Forget to Ride?
Eli Post

It is nearly impossible to forget how to ride a bike because it is a type of knowledge that is easy for your brain to store.


March Looking Back
WheelPeople Editors

Reflections on WheelPeople past.


March Picture of the Month
WheelPeople Editors

Choose your riding partners carefully.


March Updates
WheelPeople Editors

There are updates for several of our past articles.



Winter Street Bridge Westbound
John Allen

Making use of traffic signals to secure a lane.