August 2021 WheelPeople

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Edward Cheng

The Rides Committee approved safety guidelines which apply to all remote rides. 


Jeff Dieffenbach

The Logo Design Oversight Committee has organized a "call for design" with regards to a new CRW logo.


CRW Grants
Amy Wilson

CRW has had an active grant program for many years. The club felt that excess income should be devoted to worthy causes that support biking.


Group Rides
Eli Post

It’s time to get out and ride, and CRW can help you enjoy a sense of community with its wide ride offerings.


How to Avoid Bonking while Cycling

Coach John Hughes

Avoid bonking on rides with these tips


The Gluck Legal Takeaway - Bicycle vs Bicycle collisions: Is there liability?
Ronald Gluck

Attorney Gluck reports on accidents caused by cyclists.


A New Adventure Ride To Bristol and Providence Rhode Island
Steve Carlson

This is a local ride for bike explorers with a choice of two starts – Newton or Westborough, with the two groups meeting up mid-way in Bristol, Rhode Island and back over two days.


Ride with GPS - New Ride Screen Options
Eli Post

RWGPS has redesigned the route and ride screen options


Dealing With Wildlife
Eli Post

There is the danger posed by wildlife and household pets in particular.


WheelPeople Editors

On Sunday July 11, the club ran a Major Taylor celebration ride.For those who do not remember, Major Taylor was an African-American professional cyclist who lived in Worcester, MA during his racing years.


CTTC T-Shirt Challenge
Eli Post

For the first two weeks in June we  ran a T-shirt challenge offering custom, commemorative T-shirts for the first 25 riders to complete the 100 mile CTTC route.


Snack on High Fiber Foods

Dr. Gabe Mirkin
Eating fruits, vegetables or dairy was associated with a reduced risk of death from a heart attack, and eating a vegetable-based dinner was associated with a  reduction in heart attacks and a reduction in deaths from all causes.


Safety Corner, August 2021
John Allen

Massachusetts is famous, or perhaps notorious, for its rotary intersections. How to ride them...


Adventure Rides in New York City - Continued
Eli Post

An exciting video illustrates the Adventure Ride trip to New York City


The Athlete's Kitchen - Weight Loss is Hard

Nancy Clark
Many athletes who are trying to lose their COVID weight are feeling frustrated. Their undesired body fat may not be melting away as easily at hoped. This month's article looks at weight loss and explains why it may not be as simple as hoped.


August Updates
WheelPeople Editors

There are updates for several of our past articles.


August Picture of the Month
WheelPeople Editors

These riders found a beautiful place to rest.


Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
WheelPeople Editors

The Bruce Freeman trail continues to expand.