March 2021 WheelPeople

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Adventure Rides Launched at CRW
Steve Carlson

Adventure Riding is a new CRW offering, and is defined as a ride that encompasses one or more overnight stays. The rides will include interesting destinations, and likely involve routes and roads you have never done. There is one goal…to have fun and create everlasting memories!  

The Appeal of Charity Rides
Tim Wilson

Charity rides are for those committed to fundraising events by a deep connection to a cause, but they also hold an appeal that goes beyond the cause and the event.  

CRW Forums
Allison Averill

We have introduced new ways for members to engage with the club virtually on Strava, Facebook, Instagram, Google Group and Slack  

CRW Community Survey
Rami Haddad

The result of the CRW community survey are presented.  

GPS Navigation on Club Rides - A Guide for New Members
Eli Post

A "how to" for new members to get started with GPS navigation.  

Setting Goals as You Grow Older

Coach John Hughes

Setting goals as you age is key to staying fit.  

Safety Corner for March 2021
John Allen

CRW has arranged to make available a series of three recorded Webinars and a live Zoom session about cycling technique and group riding,  

March Film Festival
Alex Post

This is a time of isolation and self-quarantine, and if you are home, you may need a distraction. These YouTube video links all relate to biking, and you can enjoy the sport vicariously.  

Planning Club Routes
Ken Hablow

Ken Hablow shares his thoughts on planning club routes.  

The Athlete's Kitchen - Teaming Up with Good Nutrition

Nancy Clark

A pre-ride meal helps fuel high intensity sprints; it delays fatigue so that players perform better. An adequate pre-ride meal is particularly important for a lunch-time kick-off.  

Charles River Crocodiles
WheelPeople Editors

There is a danger in the low-lying areas of the Charles River during high tide.  

A Touring Life
John Springfield

A member shares his travel experiences from long ago.  

March Updates
WheelPeople Editors

There are updates for several of our past articles.  

Fried Foods

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Eating fried foods is associated with increased risk for heart attacks.  

Don Blake
WheelPeople Editors

Don Blake passed on February 15, 2021.  

March Looking Back
Eli Post

Reflections on WheelPeople past, and in particular those members who logged over 100,000 miles.  

March Picture of the Month
Eli Post

A guard dog can protect your bikes.