January 2021 WheelPeople

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Thirty First President
Rami Haddad

This is a welcome message from our new president, and an invitation to share your ideas.  

Honoring Larry Kernan

Steve Carlson, Rami Haddad, John O'Dowd, Eli Post, Amy Wilson, Andre Wolff

Several Board members who worked closely with Larry Kernan, the outgoing president, wanted to express their thoughts.  

2021 CRW Community Survey
Rami Haddad

We would like to invite you to participate in a short survey. This is part of CRW’s focus on service to its members.  

Upload Your Photos
WheelPeople Editors

Members can now upload their bike related photos to the website.  

Calling All (and Wannabe) Ride Leaders
Mary Kernan

Ride leaders are invited to a 2021 welcoming session on Thursday, January 21st at 7:00 pm.  

John O'Dowd

We know that our members care about their privacy, and want to share how we assume that responsibility, and protect member information. This report discusses the way we gather, use, disclose, and manage a member’s data.  

Volunteers Needed

We are an all volunteer club and have open positions. Help us manage the club.  

Heart Rate Different on the Trainer

Coach John Hughes

The psychological mechanisms in biking are explored.  

Fred Kresse - Looking Back on Good Times
Eli Post

We share the memories of a long-time member.  

January Film Festival
Alex Post

This is a time of isolation and self-quarantine, and if you are home, you may need a distraction. These YouTube video links all relate to biking, and you can enjoy the sport vicariously.  

My Life in a Helmet

Reminisces about early helmet experiences.

Dr. Ed Gross  

Long shadows
John Allen

Low sun can be a problem year-round but it is more often one when daylight is shorter.


Custom Cues
Eli Post

Ride With GPS has a feature which can alert riders to points of interest that would ordinarily not appear on the automatically generated cue sheet.


January Updates
WheelPeople Editors

There are updates for several of our past articles.  

Should You Breathe Through Your Nose or Your Mouth When You Exercise?

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

Breathing issues during exercise are explored.  

The Athlete's Kitchen - The Quest for Thinness

Nancy Clark

Weight-conscious athletes must remember they need to “nourish to flourish.” Denying the body of food denies it of valuable fuel and nutrients.  

January Picture of the Month
Alex Post

We miss the weekend rides that drew lots of riders  

Year-End Mileage Reporting for the Hangin' In List
Jack Donohue

Update your year end mileage before statistics are compiled