December 2020 WheelPeople

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President's Message - December 2020
Larry Kernan

This is a message from the outgoing CRW President.  

Rami Haddad is the New CRW President
WheelPeople Editors

Introducing the new CRW President for 2021  

Holiday Gift Challenge: You Ride We Donate
Rami Haddad

We would like to encourage members to ride during the holiday month of December, and are providing an incentive. For every 10 miles recorded, we will donate $1 to a non-profit.  

CRW Winter Ride Challenge
Steve Carlson

Register for our first ever Winter Ride Challenge! The concept is simple…this is a virtual challenge where you will ride as many miles as possible, between January 1, 2021 and March 31, 2021.  

Volunteers Needed

We are an all volunteer club and have open positions. Help us manage the club.  

the Gluck Legal Takeaway - Shopping Delivery Vehicles: are They Sufficiently insured?
Ronald Gluck

Attorney Gluck provides advice on under insured motorist coverage  

It Fell From the Sky
Eli Post

Riders must be vigilant and constantly on the alert for hazards.  

Some Helmet History
John Allen

Helmets are now universally used, but it wasn't always so.


Chain Link - Membership Happenings
Rami Haddad

A report on recent events.  

Route Back to Course
Eli Post

A new feature is coming soon. It will redirect you if you go off course.  

Bike Thursday
Eli Post

Bike Thursday which was initiated three years ago offers shorter/slower rides.  

Remembering John Kane (1942-2020)
John Springfield

Remembering a long-time member.  

CRW Awards
WheelPeople Editors

Ken Hablow received an award for his many volunteer efforts over the years.  

The 'A' in Adventure
Jack Donohue

Adventure is where you find it.  

Sean Connery, Dementia and Death from “Natural Causes”

Dr. Gabe Mirkin

A key to prolonging your life and preventing disease is to keep on moving. Lying in bed for many hours each day is a certain way eventually to kill yourself.  

The Athlete's Kitchen - Athletes, Injuries & Nutrition

Nancy Clark

You never know when you will break a bone that requires a surgical fix, get hurt in a car accident, or end up with COVID. That’s why you want to prepare your body for the worst by eating wisely on a daily basis.  

December Film Festival
Alex Post

This is a time of isolation and self-quarantine, and if you are home, you may need a distraction. These YouTube video links all relate to biking, and you can enjoy the sport vicariously.  

December Picture of the Month
Alex Post

A stick gets caught in the wheel, but fortunately is noticed and removed.