July 2020 WheelPeople

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Message from the CRW President
Larry Kernan

The big news story for CRW is that our group rides are scheduled to re-start on July 1st! The club President also updates on the club policy regarding racial diversity  


CRW Covid-19 Task Force.

CRW is starting group rides in a limited fashion, and has established a new set of riding rules.  

Gluck Legal Takeaway
Ronald Gluck

Trucks turning right may not see the cyclist to the right heading straight through the intersection  

CRW Supports Racial Diversity

On June 15th, Larry Kernan, CRW President, sent the this letter to all CRW members to explain the CRW stand on racial diversity.  

Radar Comes to GPS
Eli Post

We report on a new radar-based device that works with your RWGPS cell phone app to warn you about approaching traffic.  

The Athlete’s Kitchen - Building a Better Vegan/Vegetarian Sports Diet
Nancy Clark

These days, many athletes are eating less meat and a lot more plant-based diets. This article talks about how to build a better vegan sports diet.  

Wheels of Change (WOC) & The WŌC Project
Randolph Williams

A giant ride to spell BLACK LIVES MATTER from New York to Maine and support the abolition of racism.  

CRW Members Engage in Diversity Discussions – Join Us

Lisa Najavits, Randolph Williams, André Wolff, Mabray Andrews, Rosemarie Cepeda, Larry Finison, Malick Ghachem, Bob Persons, Phillip Stern, Wendy Schwartz, Nicole Vassar, Bob Wolf

We are a group of members joining together to increase diversity and inclusion within the club. We welcome anyone who would like to be part of this important mission.


CRW COVID-Era Crowdsourced Bathrooms & Bubblers Map
John Buten

Where you can find a bathroom that's open on your ride.  

July Film Festival
Alex Post

This is a time of isolation and self-quarantine, and if you are home, you may need a distraction. The YouTube video links all relate to biking, and you can enjoy the sport vicariously.  

Time for a New Helmet?
John Allen

When should you get a new helmet? What is to make of new developments in helmet technology?


Don't Straighten Your Knees When You Ride a Bike

The most common cause of knee pain in bicycle riders is having the seat set so high that it forces you to fully straighten the knee as the pedal reaches its lowest level. You are never supposed to fully straighten your knee. Learn more about an important fit.  

July Picture of the Month: Corey Hill
Lorenz Finison

We compare a well known intersection in Brookline with what it was like 133 years ago. To say it changed is a monumental understatement.  

Riding Solo
Eli Post

This is a novel way to ride solo and also have a riding companion close by.  

Looking Back
Lisa Najavits

Read about The National Century CRW held in 1979, with a free patch to all completers.