May 2020 WheelPeople

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Message from the CRW President
Larry Kernan

The coronavirus continues to impact the club's ride program. We cancelled Climb to the Clouds, but members were generous in their response. We also made a few grants to other non-profits.  

The Respiratory Signature: Particles which Stay Afloat
Eli Post

When riding, you are constantly exhaling and creating a trail which if you are moving fast will fall behind you and remain in the air for a bit before it falls to the ground. If you happen to be behind a rider you may encounter his or her trail, and any dangerous particles in that trail.  

Life Without A Ride Program
Eli Post

We all have our ways of coping with the virus crisis and here are the strategies of others in the club. You can also draw comfort that you are not alone in the crisis.  

Safety Corner Preparing for Solo Rides
John Allen

Safety tips and making preparations for riding alone.


Member Communication Guidelines
Rami Haddad

CRW has developed guidelines for its discussion forums including Facebook, Strava, Google, and website comments.  

Club Calendar Available on your Mobile Phone
Rami Haddad

Subscribe to the club calendar to view on your mobile phone along with your other calendars, holiday schedule, & events.  

The Boston Bicycling Club, the Wheel Around the Hub, and Walter Kendall
Lorenz Finison

Walter Gardner Henderson Kendall, the longest-standing member and captain of the Boston Bicycle Club (B.Bi.C), the oldest American cycle club, began riding a high wheel bicycle in 1876. He was an early bike-commuter and led B.Bi.C. recreational rides. Here they are taking a break at Cobbs Tavern.  

Riding Solo - Finding Local Routes
Eli Post

There is a place you can go to find routes that start near where you are based, and many of these routes have been vetted by CRW. Riding solo will likely require a change in your riding habits.  

May Picture of the Month
WheelPeople Editors

The virus crisis has had profound effects on our riding habits, and even how we dress for riding. This rider has adjusted to the circumstances and is a model for all of us.  

May Film Festival
Alex Post

This is a time of isolation and self-quarantine, and if you are home, you may need a distraction. The You Tube video links all relate to biking, and you can enjoy the sport vicariously.  

Looking Back
Lisa Najavits

Wheelpeople offered a wonderful Zen proverb on biking, 10 years ago  

The Athlete’s Kitchen: Food, Anxiety & Athletes: A Troublesome Trio
Nancy Clark

How does coronavirus anxiety reflect in our food choices especially when we snack. Nancy's recommendations may surprise you.  

Milk is Not Essential for Health

A perspective on the merits of drinking milk. Doctor Mirkin reports recent studies show that North Americans do not need to drink milk to be healthy.