April 2020 WheelPeople

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Message from the CRW President
Larry Kernan

The club president reports on how the COVID-19 crises has affected group rides and events, and substitute programs in the works. Climb to the Clouds has been postposed.  

Members Helping Members
Lisa Najavits

We introduce a new benefit to CRW members: mentoring on cycling topics, and ride buddies.  

COVID-19 Pandemic
Larry Kernan

The CRW president outlines club policy related to the COVID-19 pandemic. He discusses outdoor rides and indoor social events. All CRW Group rides have been cancelled through April 6.  

Member Survey Results
Rami Haddad

We received an impressive number of responses to our member survey, and are reporting summary results. There is also a link to the complete survey.  

Facebook Group
Rami Haddad

We have a new Facebook Group. Please join. Note that the previous page will not be updated.  

Meetings Cancelled
Mary Kernan

Meeting cancellation notice.  

Preparing for your Genealogical Destiny
Eli Post

The author is sharing his secrets of quickly looking younger, This is a must read if that's one of your priorities.  

Charles River Wheelers Welcomes E-Bikes!

The club has adopted a policy for using bicycles with electric assist motors (e-bikes) on all club group rides and events. Electric bikes are permitted for members and guests with certain provisions.  

Living Through the Virus Crisis
John Allen

The pandemic has changed riding habits.  

Free GPS Navigation for CRW Members
Eli Post

Use GPS technology to enjoy seamless navigation on Club rides. Members get FREE turn-by-turn navigation.  

April Film Festival
Alex Post

Listed are several You Tube video links related to biking, all for your amusement.  

Photo of the Month
Eli Post

We don't have any photos from club rides, but this rider is distinctive and worthy of note.  

Looking Back
Lisa Najavits

Looking back 10 years at WheelPeople.  

Help Us Fill in the Gaps: VeloNews and Bicycle Guide
Lorenz Finison

Looking for missing Velo News issues  

The Athlete’s Kitchen:Sports: Nutrition: Fads, Facts and Fallacies
Nancy Clark

This article offers science-based answers to a few popular sports nutrition questions and share some food for thought.  

Dr. Mirkin: Guide to Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils can be harmful