March 2020 WheelPeople

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Message from the CRW President
Larry Kernan

The President reports on his travel experiences, and reminds us of several upcoming CRW rides and events.  

Ride-Leader Training and Kickoff
Mary Kernan

Annual ride leader welcome for existing and new leaders.  

From Heart-Disease Patient to World-Class Cyclist
Eli Post

A heart patient becomes a competitive cyclist. Learn how he did it.  

Mounts for Cell Phones
Eli Post

Options for cell phone mounts.  

Seeking Grant or Donation Nominations
Steve Carlson


Fountain of Youth
Bernie Flynn

A rider extends his biking life with an elecrtic bike, and shares his experience.  

Film Festival
Eli Post

Video links for your amusement.  

Some Thoughts About E-Bike Control
John Allen

Controlling an E-bike.  

PSI RX Tire Pressure and Load

Optimum tire pressure gives you better performance and more comfort.  

Bicycling History Exhibit at West End Museum (February 18 – May 30)

An exhibit about Cycling Legends.  

Looking Back
Brandon Milardo

Looking back 50 years.  

Photo of the Month

Members participating in CRW event.  

The Athlete’s Kitchen: Eating Clean: Unintended Consequences
Nancy Clark

Find a sustainable way to eat an excellent sports diet.  

Dr. Mirkin: Large Doses of Vitamin D Can Be Harmful

Large Doses of Vitamin D Can Be Harmful.