January 2020 WheelPeople

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Message from the President
Larry Kernan

Volunteer Awards are announced, the date is set for the Climb to the Clouds Century, and the Board has decided that weekend rides and centuries will no longer be arrowed.  

CRW Arrow Policy has Changed
CRW Board

Effective in January 2020, CRW will no longer be arrowing rides, including centuries. Arrowing may still be done at the discretion of the ride leader.  

Fixing Flats and Other On-the-Bike Mechanicals Workshop
Eli Post

Learn how to fix a flat.  

Plan Your Next Bicycle Vacation
Eli Post

Get help planning your next bike vacation.  

Reminder - Nutrition Webinar
André Wolff

Nutrition advice for cyclists, and an opportunity to sit in on a presentation from home.  

Year-End Mileage Reporting for the Hangin' In List - Last Chance
Jack Donohue

Update your mileage before statistics are compiled  

Battery Life While Navigating
Eli Post

A working solution if your cell phone drains while navigating.  

Traction Action
John Allen

Tips for riding in ice and snow.  

The Road Cyclist's Guide to the Peloton
John Buten

An exercycle can keep you in shape during the winter months.  

Horses Join a Ride
Eli Post

Rides are full of unexpected surprises.  

Looking Back
Brandon Milardo, Lisa Najavits

Looking back at WheelPeople 10, 25, and 50 years.  

Featured Ride
Brandon Milardo

Enjoy a memorable ride on New Year's Day.  

A Boston Bicycle Club Before CRW, Part Two: Touring and Racing
Lorenz Finison

Early history of a Boston Bicycle Club  

The Athletes' Kitchen
Nancy Clark

Sports nutrition updates on sleep, muscle building, and related matters.