November 2019 WheelPeople

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Winter Riding Workshop
Eli Post

Learn how to prepare yourself for winter riding, and expand your riding horizons.  

Keep On Riding
Eli Post

Riding in winter can be a rewarding experience, and the Club offers multiple ride opportunities.  

Cranberry Harvest Century, October 6, 2019
Eli Post

The Cranberry Harvest Century sold out weeks before the event, and was a huge success.  

Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Fitness and Health e-Zine

Red meat is associated with health risks.  

Sports Nutrition Resources: Where to look for credible information
Nancy Clark

Identifying credible nutrition information.  

The Mighty Squirrel – Year Round Ride
Daniel Gomez

Ride repeats all winter long.  

Looking Back at WheelPeople
CRW Communications Committee

Looking back at 10, 25, and 50 years of Club history.  

Message from the CRW President
Larry Kernan

Larry's President's Column for November announces CRW election results, reviews the Cranberry Harvest Century and looks forward to winter rides, winter club activities and the holiday party.  

Rail-Trail safety
John Allen

High speed is not safe on bike paths when there is slower moving traffic.  

CRW Holiday Party
Linda Nelson

Join your CRW friends at our annual Holiday Party.  

Featured Ride
CRW Communications Committee

This month's featured ride is on the North Shore, and has been offered for over 20 years.