October 2019 WheelPeople

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Lecture Series
Eli Post

Larry Finison is a CRW member and has written several books on the history of cycling in the Boston Area. His latest book, Boston’s Twentieth-Century Bicycling Renaissance: Cultural Change on Two Wheels is about how bicycling languished and then flourished during that century.  

Dr Mirkin.com

At last we have a reasonable explanation why statins can cause some people to suffer skeletal muscle pain and damage, but do not cause heart muscle damage (JACC: Basic to Translational Science, Aug 2019;4(4):509-523). Muscles contract after they release calcium from their cells. However, statins cause muscles to leak calcium from their cells. The muscles of some people can tolerate these irregular leaks of calcium, but for others, the statin-caused calcium leaks interfere with normal muscle contractions to cause pain.  

WheelPeople Looking Back
CRW Communications Committee

Excerpts from WheelPeople issues 10, 25 and 50 years ago


A Boston Bicycle Club Before CRW
Lorenz Finison

In May 1972, the CRW Newsletter published Howard Moore’s “Not a Dark Age at All.” Moore, a cyclist since the early 1920s and CRW ride leader, objected to CRW co-founder George Bailey (and Moore’s predecessor as club historian) calling the period of the 1920s through 1930s a “dark age for the bicycle.” Moore claimed that there were many clubs around eastern Massachusetts “which endured for varying lengths of time between 1933 and the formation of the Charles River Wheelmen.” He mentioned the Cambridge Cycle and Sports Club, the Massachusetts Bicycling [Bicycle] Club, the Norfolk County Wheelmen, the North Quincy Wheelmen, the Brockton Cycle Club, the Middlesex County Wheelmen, and the West Roxbury Cycle Club; and, closer-in, the “Boston Wheelmen (not to be confused with the old-time Boston Bicycle Club).”  

Please Report Crashes
John Allen

OK, a crash isn’t the most pleasant thing to think about, and it can hurt too! But CRW needs to know about crashes.


The Athlete's Kitchen
Nancy Clark

Eating more plant-based protein appeals to many health-conscious athletes who want to reduce their intake of saturated fat as well stand up for the environment and animal welfare concerns. As a result, more and more athletes are trending towards a vegetarian diet. Two types of non-meat eaters seem to be emerging:  

CRW Votes!

The time is upon us to vote for our new CRW Board members who will begin their terms in January 2020. We have three open Board seats and three great candidates. So, why do you need a vote? Well, you don’t. But, you should. Our bylaws require us to go through this process. Voting is your civic duty, it’s good practice and it let’s us know you’re paying attention. The Board does a lot of work behind the scenes to set the policy and direction for the Club. We’re all volunteers and taking about a minute to cast your vote will let the candidates know that you appreciate their willingness to contribute their time to the Club.  

Message from the CRW President
Larry Kernan

The President's Column reminds members about the upcoming Cranberry Harvest Century on October 6th,, expresses gratitude to all the Club's Ride Leaders and raises the issue of e-bikes. Most importantly, Larry urges you to vote in the CRW Board elections running from October 1st to 15th. See the Candidates' Statements elsewhere in this issue.