September 2019 WheelPeople

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Bicycling Alone Across the Country at Age 70
Eli Post

We begin this fall’s lecture series on Thursday September 26 with a presentation by long-time club member John Springfield as he takes you on his 2,900 mile cross-country bicycle trip.  

WheelPeople Looking Back
CRW Communications Committee

Excerpts from WheelPeople issues 10, 25 and 50 years ago  

Flat Versus Clip-in Pedals
Eli Post

Exploring new developments in flat pedals.  


Calorie counts listed on food packages or restaurant menus are deceptive because they tell how much energy that food has when it is burned in a laboratory. The number of calories absorbed in your body is likely to be quite different, depending on how the food is prepared and what types of bacteria you have in your colon.  

The Athlete's Kitchen

Fact or Fiction: The vegan diet is unlikely to support optimal performance in athletes? Fiction! No evidence suggests a nutritionally balanced vegan diet impairs athletic performance. Google vegan athletes; you'll find an impressive list of Olympians and elite athletes from many sports (football, basketball, tennis, rowing, etc.). That said, vegans (and vegetarians) could choose a diet that helps them be powerful athletes, but do they?  

"Your article here"
CRW Communications Committee

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CRW Board Elections

CRW Elections for three Board Members are coming up. Members are invited to submit their own names as candidates. This article outlines the process for Election of the Board.  

How to Keep In Touch with CRW
Robyn Betts

If you don't already have a digital addiction, we can help you start one. Did you know that CRW has a presence on 8 different digital outlets to keep you up to date on what's happening with the club? See our list below for all the ways you can keep in touch and up to date with all things CRW. Oh, and being a club member entitles you some free stuff, too! Read more to find out.  

Message from the CRW President
Larry Kernan

This month, Larry tackles two important topics: the Cranberry Harvest Century and upcoming CRW Board Elections. The Cranberry Harvest Century has become incredibly popular with members and cyclists in our community. 2019 will be the third year that we have run this event which captures some of the most charming roads in New England. There are two ways you should consider participating – Ride or Volunteer! If you want to ride, you must register in advance. If you want to volunteer, contact us now to get the volunteer job that you want. Larry also shares his views on what a CRW Director does and what makes a great Director. CRW Directors set the strategic agenda for our club. The Board sets policy for club finances, rides and grants. It appoints volunteers to fill important club officer positions and directs our activities with advocacy groups. The Board also helps to build connections with other clubs, bike shops and community groups. A great Director is someone who has been actively involved with the club and understands not only our history and traditions but has a vision for the future and is willing to help advocate and implement the changes necessary to move us forward.