August 2019 WheelPeople

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WheelPeople Graphic Designer – David Cooper
Eli Post

It takes well over 100 volunteers to run CRW, and the tasks are not evenly divided. One such volunteer is David Cooper who recently retired as the WheelPeople graphic designer.  

The Athlete's Kitchen

We are constantly bombarded with media messages touting the next miracle sports food or supplement that will enhance athletic performance, promote fat loss, build muscle, and help you be a super-athlete.  


A liver full of fat can be caused by anything that damages the liver. Doctors used to separate liver damage into that caused by alcohol and that not caused by alcohol (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD). Now we know that a liver damaged by excess alcohol has the same harmful consequences as a liver damaged by anything else, such as obesity or excess sugar intake  

Message from the President
Larry Kernan

This will be a brief column this month as I’m on the road again - doing the 7 day Tour de Cure New England Classic for the American Diabetes Association. It’s a real monster of a ride — 550 miles and nearly 30,000 feet of climbing. I’m taking notes on how they support their riders.  

Car Back, or Got Your Back?
John Allen

As long as I have been a CRW member, the call “car back” has resounded from riders at the rear of strings of cyclists. It has become almost reflexive. I have used it myself. If there’s a car behind, then someone near the rear of the group calls out “car back.”  

The new Wheelpeople – and a request for volunteers
Lisa Najavits

You may notice that you’re seeing the August Wheelpeople in a new format. CRW will be sending Wheelpeople as an email newsletter going forward with clickable links rather than the former PDF (which was preceded by a mailed newsletter, which was preceded most likely by a horse-and-buggy or carrier pigeon method).